I have been gathering information about survival and general prepping for many years. I thought I would share some of the better .PDF’s here. We will also be adding to this library on an ongoing basis.

You are free to download any of the documents hosted on our website. All documents are in .PDF format. You can download the free Adobe reader here. ~JTS

hosted on this website:

to documents hosted on other websites:

Prepping & Survival:

General Homesteading Resources:

Army Ranger Handbook –> The authentic Army Ranger Handbook – over 300 pages of seriously useful information. Mother Earth News –> One of the oldest and best resources for good information of interest to any homesteader
Types of Shelters –> Shelter Building 101 – a handy guide to several different kinds of survival shelters. The Homesteading Hippy –> Lots and lots of great “How-To” articles on all kinds of useful topics.
U.S. Army Survival Guide –> The official U.S. Army Survival Guide. The Prepper Journal’s Homesteading page –> lots of good information for homesteaders from the Preppers Journal
How To Bug-In –> If bugging-in is your plan, this is everything you need to know to prepare. Homestead & Prepper –> A great resource for the homesteading prepper. Or the prepping homesteader.
Wilderness Survival Guide –> A fairly thorough reference for all aspects of back-country wilderness survival. Homesteading, Prepping & Survival Skills –> 150 essential skills for any homesteader or prepper to know.
Cold Weather Survival –> A complete guide to cold weather survival techniques. Especially useful here in Maine. 😉 Common Sense Home –> a great resource with lots of useful information for the homesteader.
NBC Field Handbook –> The military guide to surviving Nuclear, Chemical or Biological attack BeSurvival –> The Survival, Prepping, & Homesteading Experts.
Map Reading & Navigation –> The official Army field guide to map reading and navigation. Resilience –> Building a world of resilient communities.
Bugging In –> Lots of handy tips and advice if you plan to stay put. The Self Sufficient HomeAcre –> One Homemaker, One Acre…
The Homesteading Boards –> Chock full of information any homesteader will find useful. Make sure to visit the Forums page to share information with other homesteaders.

Urban Combat & Counter-Insurgency: –> The definitive resource for all things of interest to homesteaders.
Urban Combat Manual –> More than 700 pages of Army instruction on the techniques and principles of Urban Combat. Common Sense Home –> A great resource, for homesteaders, organized by category.
 Army Counter-insurgence Manual –> The official Army manual on Counterinsurgency techniques and methods. Homestead Forums –> Lots of active content from the folks at
Organic Homesteading –> Great homesteading information from the folks at the Northeast Organic Farming Association.

Plants, ‘Shrooms & Herbs:

Medicinal Herb Gardening –> A quick guide to herbs you can grow yourself that have medicinal properties.

Edible Wild Mushrooms –> A bit more in depth. Will NOT make you an expert, but does have good color photos so you can tell the good ones from the bad ones!

Medical Information and First Aid:

Military First Aid Manual –> A genuine military manual, with over 200 pages of general and trauma-specific treatments.
U.S. Special Forces Medical Handbook –> The genuine Special Forces field guide to every area of medicine. Over 400 pages of useful information. An invaluable guide.
Where There Is No Doctor –> This is the complete, definitive guide to rural medicine. More than 500 pages of valuable information.
Where There Is No Dentist –> The companion manual for rural dentistry. 248 pages  of useful information.
Where Women Have No Doctor –> The definitive guide specific to Women’s health. Indispensable information for women in a survival situation.
Midwives – Full Book –> If there is a pregnant lady in your survival group, and no doctor to be found, you need this.

Survival Food, Cooking, and Canning:

Back Woods Cooking –> A short, 2-page doc with some quick back-country cooking tips
Canning Tomatoes –> A short but very useful document about canning tomatoes.
A Guide To Canning –> A much more comprehensive guide to canning – everything you need to know.
Canning Meat –> A nice reference, specific to canning meats
Preserving Foods by Drying –> A fairly thorough doc describing the techniques and methods used in preserving foods by drying.

Hunting and Trapping:

The Ten Best Traps –> A guide to building and setting the 10 most effective traps you can use.

Long Term Survival & Recovery:

Build Your Own Wind Turbine –> Full instructions and diagrams to build a wind turbine to generate your own electricity. Also includes information on how to build your own solar panel as well!
Blacksmithing for Survival –> A fairly detailed guide to scrounging metal and survival blacksmithing.
US Army Dead Body Field Manual –> Eventually, it will be time to clean up the mess…
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