We are very close to starting our Much Anticipated and Extensively Planned Greenhouse 2019-04-21 09.17.41Project. I have spent this past winter dreaming and making plans. The snow is now melted at Birchwood, and it is almost time to start construction. Just need to wait for the tree guy that is coming to drop a bunch of trees around that part of the property, and then construction can begin!

I plan to build a standard “Quonset Hut” style PVC pipe-and-wood construction greenhouse, with some improvements to help the structure survive our Maine winters. I had to do some math to figure out the size of the arc, and how much PVC pipe we are going to need to buy.

We’ve settled on a greenhouse that will end up being 40 feet long and 20 feet wide, and will be covered in a high-grade polymer that will pass ~90% of sunlight through to the plants inside.


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