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When we were doing our research, and watching our YouTube videos, and feeling pretty smart for preparing as best we could, we learned many things. (By the way, I want to give a shout out to Mark and Trish from Keep Your Daydream for… Continue Reading “THE NEXT LESSON learned”


When we were thinking, and planning, and dreaming of ‘one day’ owning our own travel trailer, we did a lot of research, and we got a ton of advice. One piece of advice that I kept hearing was to sleep in our travel trailer… Continue Reading “TAKE THE ADVICE”

Birchwood on the road!

Like many working folks with dreams of retirement, Ginger and I have been planning for years to make an RV part of our retirement plans. We mulled over all the choices, and decided that someday we would love to own our own Travel Trailer.… Continue Reading “Birchwood on the road!”

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