Birchwood on the road!

Like many working folks with dreams of retirement, Ginger and I have been planning for years to make an RV part of our retirement plans. We mulled over all the choices, and decided that someday we would love to own our own Travel Trailer. This was something we planned to invest in after we retired.

Then the COVID pandemic hit. Fricking Rona. The world was turned on it’s ear, and we were delighted to find that we were both sent home from our jobs to telework full time.

Telework? Full time you say?

We set up our home office, began working from home, and life settled back into a routine. Until it began to occur to us that this teleworking thing was working out SO well in fact, that we could literally work from anywhere…

Then recently, a local RV dealer floated an ad on Facebook for a brand-new 2021 travel trailer that seemed to have everything we had dreamed we would one day have. Despite our better judgement, we went over on one morning a couple of weeks ago, and fell in love.

Our new 2021 Keystone Bullet Premier Travel Trailer

Turned out the dealer had marked this particular unit down more than $10,000 and was offering a really attractive interest rate on financing. We were goners. We plunked down a deposit on the spot and we were done. A week later we picked it up and it’s ours.

We have spent the past couple of weeks furiously ordering from Amazon all the little things you don’t think about that you need before you go anywhere. I think I will do another post about what to know and what you need to buy as a newbie. For now suffice it to say we spent over $1,000 more on things we didn’t think of that we just had to have.

From the day we went to look at it on the dealer’s lot.

So we got the new travel trailer home, and in just a few days we are taking it out for our first RV’ing experience. We’re spending a week at a campground on the coast here in Maine. Sort of a shake-out, figure out how everything works trip.

Next it will be longer trips. We’ve already been drooling over destinations around the country that we have always wanted to visit. And the prospect of being able to take the dogs with us, and have our own little home wherever we go? Add in the fact that during this pandemic we can literally work from anywhere? Our ultimate dream would be to spend months on the road at a time, moving from beautiful place to beautiful place, as the urge strikes.

We will share all the cool things we learn about this whole new RV lifestyle, maybe even post some videos from time to time. So stay tuned for updates from the road!

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