And Away We Go!

Welcome to our brand-spanking new website. Pardon the “new blog” smell. that should wear off in no time. This page is the evolution of an effort that began almost 20 years ago to bring photos and news of our children to doting relatives around the country.

Back in the day, I used to maintain our website manually – creating and updating web pages with photos, stories, and other tid-bits for the family.

Now it’s twenty years later, the kids are all grown and moved out, and Ginger and I are left here at Birchwood to do… well, anything we want to. I mean, there are no more grown-ups here after all…

And so we have decided to re-vitalize and update our website aspirations, and turn this into more of a blog that we can both contribute to. And Birchwood Homestead was born!

We will be posting various things about gardening, solar power, making mead, and bunches of other fun activities we engage in here at Birchwood.

Thanks very much for joining us. We are glad you have come along for the ride. Remember to click the “Follow” button over there on the right so you get all the updates from this page. ~ JTS



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